Madison Capital is a leading real estate investment and operating company focused on acquiring and repositioning superior mixed-use assets in dynamic markets including New York and other gateway cities. Targeting income-producing and value-add opportunities in interesting, evolving neighborhoods, the firm employs a focused and disciplined approach to its investments.

Madison has grown its portfolio organically, acquiring one asset at a time since the firm’s inception in 2002 to over $3.1 billion of current assets under management. The company’s strategy, combined with its creative, entrepreneurial approach, integrated operating platform, and exceptional capital markets expertise has resulted in a gross IRR of 26.0% and equity multiple of 2.0x across all investments in the firm's portfolio through three real estate cycles.


  • Madison’s acquisitions team identifies well-located and exceptional assets with opportunities to improve leasing, market positioning, physical layout and capital structuring
  • Utilizing its broad network of relationships and resources in the commercial real estate, and finance industries, the acquisitions team pursues opportunities unique to its investment expertise. Over 80% of the firm’s acquisitions have been off-market transactions, sourced through the firm’s proprietary network of relationships
  • To date, Madison has deployed approximately $900 million of equity across 99+ assets through three real estate cycles, investing alongside institutional and private investors, endowments, pension funds, investment managers, family offices, and hedge funds
Investment Management
  • The investment management team’s exceptional ability to devise and execute value-enhancing strategies contributes significantly to the firm’s aptitude for successful investments
  • By focusing efforts to create value through revenue generation, adaptive reuse, asset repositioning, redevelopment, and operating expense and capital markets efficiencies, Madison builds equity value while growing cash flow
  • With current annual portfolio revenue of $170.6 million, the investment management platform services a diversity of sophisticated tenants, lenders, investment partners, agents and consultants
Accounting & Reporting
  • The accounting team provides asset-level, joint venturing, tax structuring, audit-monitoring and financial reporting services for the firm and its institutional investment partners
  • With backgrounds and experience from the Big Four accounting firms, Madison’s professionals mitigate financial and administrative investment risk while providing efficient management execution
Leasing, Property and Construction Management
  • The firm’s considerable leasing transaction experience along with its depth of contacts have led to the securing of numerous credit and compelling leases; 81% of portfolio revenue is received from tenants that are either publicly traded or maintain corporate credit ratings between S&P A+ and B-
  • In-house property and construction management capabilities allow for direct investment oversight from hand-on ownership and increased tenant interaction further solidifying the firm’s relationships and standing within the real estate industry